Saturday, July 12, 2008

Terrible, Terrible

Recent posts have been at the expense of Dr. Fault, a control freak swine of a principal I met in my early days of student teaching. How would she defend my accusations? Here's a mock interview.

Interviewer: Namowal said some vicious things about you, Ms. Fault-

Dr. Fault: That's Doctor Fault. Namowal's posts don't surprise me. It's indicative of her immaturity.

Interviewer: Care to tell your side of the story?

Dr. Fault: We get some "Namowals" each year. Unprofessional. Disengaged. The children need someone who can facilitate their education, not a scatterbrained babysitter. Did you know there was a fire drill and her class was over a minute behind in the evacuation? What if it was a real fire?

Interviewer: Actually the real teacher, Mrs. York, was in charge when that happened. Namowal was only observing.

Dr. Fault: (frowns) Mrs. York was just as bad. I had her terminated.

Interviewer: Is it true you interrupted her class to scold her about the roll call error?

Dr. Fault: How can one access student's individual needs when they can't even take roll?

Interviewer: Namowal didn't have trouble at other schools. In fact she became rather well liked.

Dr Fault: Some districts have lower standards. It's a shame really. Disgraceful. Every child deserves a sound education.

Interviewer: Any truth to Namowal's claim that you grabbed a kid by the arm and "yanked him like a kite?"

Dr. Fault: (slaps desk) How dare you suggest such a thing! This interview is over. Security will escort you off the property.


Black Cat said...

Dr. Fault sounds like a principal I once had as a child. Scary stuff! Are you going to take part in Doodle Week? I hope so:) xxx

Namowal said...

Welcome back, black cat!
It seems everyone had at least one militant freak for a principal (or teacher.) That is scary, when you come to think of it.
p.s. What's doodle week?

Sally said...

Bad bosses can haunt you for a lifetime. I know at Snazelle we had a British assistant boss who was very critical, especially of what you wore. I remember one time I walked in and she said, "Oh, new socks." Which made me think, "Does she carry my entire wardrobe around in her head?" I think she clipped out a sales ad one time and put it in my mailbox also. It was a time when I favored thrift stores.

Namowal said...

Your boss had a lot of nerve! Especially if she was behind the sales add "hint". Real classy. Geez.

booda baby said...

Haha! I love making such a valiant effort to see it from the other side.

Namowal said...

Thanks booda baby. It was kinda fun "being" the crab lady for a short time.

Linda said...

Namo, I've meant to say that I really like this illustration along with the type and handwriting. I just can't stand to see your name alongside "terrible" and "idiot."

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda.
I was going for the ditto worksheet look.
Of course, the terrible/idiot stuff is only in the context of Dr. Fault's world. I suspect her "idiot list" is a long one.