Monday, July 07, 2008

Dr. Fault

She was principal at Sunnydale Elementary school. My first student teacher assignment was at her dictatorship.
Short, bulky and bitter, she never smiled. She had insane rules about how each kid's desk was organized, including inspections. When her staff screwed up, she barked at them over the intercom. One example:
"Why do I see students in the rain without their heads covered!?" the speakers squawked, "Completely unacceptable! When they come home wet and the calls come in, I'm forwarding them to you!" This was done in a No wire hangers ever! voice and ended with a slamming phone.
She was more concerned with what the parents thought than kid welfare. Once, when she thought nobody was looking, she grabbed a kid and yanked him like she was launching a kite.


booda baby said...

I'm going to have to think of a whole new way to express how much I like certain illustrations.

Paired with a good story of a miserable principal, I find myself LOVING this one. An awful lot of people in education startle me.

Namowal said...

Why thanks, Booda baby,
Until I worked on this blog I'd forgotten how obnoxious she was. She scared me, and I was an adult. I'd hate to be a kid at her school.

Sally said...

I'm surprised you stuck with teaching after a start like that. And the illustrations are looking so great and unique.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
Lucky for me I did most of my student teaching at a different school, where the principal was friendly and good natured.
Glad you like my experimental art. Thanks!

stray g said...

she's scary!
what do you teach?

Namowal said...

Hi stray g
I taught elementary school and preschool in the 1990s. I was technically a substitute, but by the mid 90s I was getting long term assignments. I got good feedback (this wasn't Dr. Fault's district) but became disillusioned and switched carers in 1997.

stray g said...

Lynda Barry wrote that she did volunteer work as an elementary school teacher.

Namowal said...

Hi stray g,
I read about Lynda Barry doing volunteer school teaching in One! Hundred! Demons!
In fact, the picture in part II of this story was partially inspired by the "Paint your Demons" at the end of the book (I cheated and used my computer).