Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Benefit of Science

A few posts back I introduced The Chud, a fellow student from my years at U.C. Nowheresville.
The guy who stood outside and "graded" passing girls by barking "P!" (pass) or F! (fail). One day he found something new to do. Something strange.
He worked part time in a science lab. Not sure if he was a professor's assistant or the guy who buffed the floors, but he knew where to find the radioactive stuff.
The dialog went something like this, I hear.

Friend He Roped in: Are you sure we're supposed to do this?

The Chud: Who cares what we're supposed to? We're doing scientific method!

Friend: What if someone finds us? We'll get in trouble. And the warning signs said-

The Chud: Real scientists don't signs hold them back! This is for benefit of science! Think of all the sacrifices from scientists for benefit of science!

The Chud's plan for benefit of science involved a canister of radioactive material he'd swiped. He took it to a remote part of the lab. It wouldn't open. The budding scientist found a hammer and smacked it open.
The noise attracted a lab worker. Who threw a fit. From a safe distance.

I never learned his full plan. Maybe he was testing his theory that if you.

1. Stole a can of radioactive stuff,
2. Cracked it open like a walnut,
3. Exposed you and your friend to enough gamma rays to make the moon glow,
4. Were observed doing so...'d be big trouble.


Sally said...

wow, scary guy. wonder where he is now.

On different note, what nice brushes are you using in this illustration?

Namowal said...

The Chud is probably now either locked up or shaving down mutant horns growing out of his head thanks to the radiation.
Thanks for liking the brushes. I'm using Painter Sumi-e brushes. Mostly the detail brush. I cranked up the color variability about 7% to give it some texture.
Do you have any brushes you particularly like?

GhostBuild said...

Saw your earlier post about rough times in grade school. I had similar experiences. My tormentors reached their golden years in high school though, and today they're suffering for it.

Is it a coincidence that you used "Chud" as the name? When I first read this and saw Chudbird in your picture, radioactive green splayed across his body, I immediately thought of a dreadful horror movie from the 80s by the same name. Perhaps Chudbird shares some similarities to those sewer denizens by the same name? :-D

Namowal said...

Cannibalistic Underground Humanoid Dwellers, Ghostbuild?
"The Chud" was a pun based on his real name. Don't think I'm being the catty tormentor here. He was an obnoxious beast who was always shouting crude words for female body parts.
An example of his classiness: if students of the opposite sex were studying in another room, The Chud would shout "They is F___ing!"
Mr. Manners, he was.

Linda said...

It's a miracle the world still exists with people like the chud around.

Namowal said...

Agreed, Linda.
Come to think of it, between his "punch me in the face" behavior and his self-irradiating* "experiment*," it's a miracle if the chud still exists.

*he wasn't wearing any protective clothes!

stray g said...

love the equation in the cartoon speech balloon.

Namowal said...

Thanks, stray g.
I wasn't sure if the equation would work as a stand in for profanity. (Or did you mean you happend to love that specific equation?* I've seen it on T-shirts!)

*some jazz about not being able to measure the momentum and the position of a particle at the same time.