Tuesday, July 22, 2008

P! F! F!

I called him The Chud. He looked like Fred Flintstone. His voice boomed across the college commons.
"P!" he'd say, "F! F! F! P... ...P!" standing near popular walkways.
A shared friend* asked him what was going on.
"The girls that are going by!" he explained. "Some girls that is good looking. They pass! P. for pass! And some girls: they is ugly. They FAIL! F! So each girl that is going by, she gets P or F!"
What a gentleman.
I never found out if I passed his test. I didn't get too close.
*I couldn't stand The Chud. Others were more tolerant.


Sally said...

VERY FUNNY and great drawing. I had some girl friends who used to taunt me by saying, "Oh, H.A." Reading this you'll probably get it, but I kept asking them "What does "H.A." mean?"

They wouldn't tell me. Months later I realized it meant ha.

billsey said...

great drawing - feels political in some ways - the outlines, the expressions - you have gotten really good with your gesture lines... they convey weight and shape (and emotion, too!!!)

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally!

Kids love the "we know what this means and we're not telling" game. Maybe because it's fun having a secret. Maybe because it's fun to drive your friends crazy.

Thanks billsey. You're too kind.