Friday, March 16, 2007


I was a weird kid. At recess I'd spend half my time wandering bizarre worlds I dreamed up. Ramps, arches, glowing vats of liquid, dinosaurs, and whatever craziness I dreamed up. Some characters I concocted included a lemon on wheels who squirted enemies with lemonade out of his nose,

an evil yam with spaghetti hair, a robot ladybug, a set of rogue set of flying knives who cut off every left foot they could find, monsters, and more. I didn't actually see these things. I knew they weren't real . When you're a kid who is shy and laughably uncoordinated recess is boring if you don't spice it up with pretend stuff.

After I drew the second pic I realized that since he's rolling, his spray shouldn't be linear. I'm pretty sure. Then again, since he's a freaking lemon, he shouldn't have a face or wheels either.


GhostBuild said...

Can't blame CitruJuggernaut if he thinks Evil Yam is better off smelling lemony fresh. :-D

GhostBuild said...

I mean really, when is the last time Evil Yam washed that nattyskank hair?

Namowal said...

CitruJuggernaut? I kinda like that. I don't remember his real name- something like "Lemon". The Yam was "Mr. Potato Head" or "Mr. Yam." My creativity stopped when it came to names.