Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Meal

I found a cute plush toy in the back seat of my brother's car. I'm not sure what it was- it looked like a hybrid of Spongebob and a rottweiler.
"What is this?" I asked.
"Oh that-" he said. "It's a Happy Meal toy."
A Happy Meal toy? I thought. That thing would retail for $12.99!
I couldn't believe it. When I was a kid, Happy Meal toys were crap. Maybe you'd get a flimsy riddle book book or a mini-frisbee with the structural integrity of the coke cup lid.
I did some online research. Today's kids have it sweet:
Transformers. Wind up toys. Dolls. Legos. Play Doh. Hotwheels. Beanie Babies, and in a few cases, electronic toys.
What a rip! Today's kids get a mini video game and all I got was a Grimace pencil or a crude chunk of plastic with the Hamburgler embossed on it?
O.K., when I was a kid the smallest video game was the size of a dishwasher and I suppose it'd be tough to squeeze it into the little box. This was back in the days where the phone had a dial, the T.V. had a knob, and the phonographs (remember them?) could be set to 78 or 16 rpm. Tapes were 8 track, the wallpaper was foil, and Chicken McNuggets hadn't been invented. Primitive times.


Anonymous said...

Those kids can thank Chinese slave labor for the booty provided in today's Happy Meal! Hurray for outsourcing! *smirk*

Namowal said...

It is ironic how America pats herself on the back for abolishing slavery, child labor, and crap working conditions; yet has no problem buying stuff overseas that was created under similar conditions.

Love Kpop said...

There are times when I find it difficult to make decisions, but still have to do. I know people always have emotions so that there is no justice. But I still hope.