Saturday, March 10, 2007

Calf Eats Chicken

I always thought the world was screwy, but if this is true, it just got screwier.
A family in India who raised chickens couldn't figure out why they were vanishing. Theft? Preditors? The mystery was solved when someone caught their pet calf eating them.
Supposedly he sneaks into the chicken coop and snatches them up with "the precission of a jungle cat." Huh? What kind of cow confuses live poultry with the lawn? That's nuttier than a Snickers bar.
If he was my pet, I'd be afraid. As a calf he's chomping chickens. What happens when he's a full grown bull? How do I know he won't sneak into my house and eat me?
Lucky for him, he's in India, where eating a cow is as unthinkable as eating a horse is to Americans. It's probably just as well that nobody eats him. With his diet, he'd probably taste like chicken.


GhostBuild said...

Freakish, utterly freakish. I bet those people over at Chick-fil-A are dying to use something like this in a new commercial. "*WE* EAT MOR CHIKIN! MOOOOOOOOOOOOCLUCK!"

Namowal said...

You said it, ghostbuild.
When I wrote that post I considered adding a bit about the calfs job opportunities, including a carnival geek or a KFC mascot.
I'm still wondering if this is some kind of hoax- as the "we were just kidding" never makes as much news as the original report.