Sunday, March 18, 2007

Down for the Count

The party had an open bar, but I didn't drink. I had to drive afterwards and didn't want to risk it. Others drank instead.
Guess who passed out? Me.
Once in awhile I feel faint for no reason. Maybe once or twice a year. Nothing's wrong with me. It's just one of those things.
There's a few places where one should never pass out:
1. Behind the wheel
2. On a tightrope
3. At a party with an open bar
I remember chitchatting with friends. The lightheadness came in waves. The room grew quiet, muffled by a hiss. Reality seemed rolling and dreamlike.
No! Not now! I told myself. Sit down! Find a chair! Find a chair!
The house was crammed with people. Even if I spotted a chair I wouldn't have been able to get to it.
Maybe this feeling will go away... I thought.
The hiss grew louder, my vision tunnelled
"Oh my God" a friend said....
Minutes, probably seconds later the world returned. I was on a couch, surrounded by curious party goers.
"It's nothing," I said, feeling stupid. "This happens all the time. Probably low blood sugar."
Someone shoved a bread slice at me and another handed me the phone. 911 was on the line. I told them I was fine. No, I wasn't diabetic or anything else.
"You sure you don't want us to come check you out?"the man on the line asked.
Yeah right! I thought A freaking ambulance visit! That'd be completely embarrassing to have the paramedics wailing up to the door, while party goers and neighbors watched. Even worse, I'd look like a double dip jerk when it was confirmed that I was fine. No thanks! (I also wasn't insured and didn't want to pay the bill.)
I convinced them I wasn't in danger, hung up, got up, and the party continued.
"Guess you had a bit too much," another friend joked, days later.
I didn't get it. "Huh?"
"You know," he said, mimicking someone drinking.
"I wasn't drunk! I didn't have anything to drink!"
"Sure," he laughed, convinced otherwise.
That was years ago.
To this day he thinks I got hammered and passed out. Ouch.
Another witness later accused me of faking the whole thing for attention. That was nice of her.

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GhostBuild said...

Well, you'd at least want to know what your blood pressure was during an episode such as what you describe. Heaven forbid you pass out at a moment when you are not amongst people you trust.