Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nunchuck Kitty

The next Drawing Board entry is "Nunchuck Kitty." I know a cat with nunchucks is obvious. What else could I have done? Hello Kitty with nunchucks? Nunchucks shaped like a cat?
The idiosyncratic caption a homagoof (homage + goof) of the silly cat pictures from the internet.


Black Cat said...

Nunchuck kitty is cute and clever! Thanks for your reply to my comment of yesterday. I'm still in my infancy with animating and have only done 2, the first of which has disappeared, grrrrr! The second I put on my blog here: It was done in Xara Xtreme Pro. I don't have any experience with Flash. I have lots to learn! The Doodle Weeks have made me keen on trying my hand at "artwork" (though mine is pretty poor compared to many others', but it's so fun!). Unfortunately I was too late for the latest Doodle Week :( xxx

Namowal said...

Thanks, black cat.
Glad he's a hit. :)