Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flash Doodle: Blockheads.

Here's a Flash experiment I did using shape tweens (I usually use motion tweens.)
The art's a bit derivative of Linda Davick's work. I wasn't trying to steal her look but it happened. Don't sue, Linda. ;)


stray g said...

I love these faces!!!

Namowal said...

Thanks, stray g!

Linda said...

Namo, to do this, did you basically draw just one head on the pole, and make a keyframe down the line, and reverse the first head on pole? Then that's how the tween worked? (But of course using 2 symbols, one is lower?) I'm already lost. But I don't think these look derivative of Linda Davick's work. They're lots of fun!

Black Cat said...

That's clever and almost as clever is how you get your animations into Blogger! I've only had one (partial) success!

Namowal said...

Hi Linda,
I started with one "head," with most parts shapes on their own layers (shape tweens work better that way).
Then I made keframes for each extreme (turning left, turning right etc..)
When I got a looping animation I liked I made a symbol and copied all the layers and frames into it.
For the backwards head I made a copy of that symbol and changed the colors.
Then I brought the new one into the main scene, flipped it horizontally, and scaled it down.
Let me know if I'm not making sense.

Thanks, black cat. Blogger makes you jump through hoops to load flash cartoons. I have to upload the flash file to another site and embed it from there. I can show you the html voodoo code if you like.
You do animation too? That's cool. I'd like to see it.

Sally said...

That's amazing. I'd think there would be gaps here or there but there aren't. Shape tweens can be very goofy and hard to control.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally.
I agree shape tweens can be unpredictable. Giving each shape its own layer seems to help, but it didn't stop the smaller half of the mouth from going berserk. It took about about nine shape hints to get it to work.