Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Dust Bunny

This is made for The Drawing Board, which is relaunching soon with a new theme (Dustbunnies and other Mythological Household Creatures).
Sorry there's no new animation. Flash CS3 isn't being cooperative. A lot of my old keyboard shortcuts and tricks don't work there. (If any of you know how to bring in an animated graphic symbol from the library into the work area without losing the animation, please let me know.)


Linda said...
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Linda said...

Hi Namo! Sally C just taught me about animated graphic symbols. (I couldn't use mc's and I needed to do lots of dripping drops.) Once you have the animated GS in your library, you just need to place a keyframe in the timeline where you want the GS to start. (And make sure there's room for the whole animation to play out on the timeline.) Then just drag the little icon of the animated GS (under "name" in your library) onto your stage and place it where you want it. (I have a feeling your question is more complicated than this.)

booda baby said...

Linda answered it. People make that mistake often - not having enough frames to correspond with the number in the symbol.

The reverse problem, exists, too. While a MC will play independently, a graphic 'clip' will repeat itself. So it's really good to either include enough 'paused' frames in the graphic OR add a keyframe and tell it to sit on a single frame.

Namowal said...

Thanks for the tips, Linda and Boodababy.
I'm starting to get the hang of my new toy.