Monday, August 25, 2008

GpCS3 Goes For a Walk

I didn't have much spare time this weekend, but I did get a crude walk in.
One of those "I'll know what not to do next time" efforts.


stray g said...

cool! you're way ahead of me.

Namowal said...

Thanks, stray g.
You're still ahead of me with the realistic depictions of dogs and cats, so I say it's a draw. :)

GhostBuild said...

Interesting gait!

I noticed the ground shudders as he exits stage right... did he have a little fall? ;-)

Namowal said...

Hi Ghostbuild,
Since he's simple character (no knees or toe joints) I wanted to see how goofy I could make his walk.
I didn't plan the ground shake, but I can just see the guy toppling over off stage. :)

Linda said...

OH NAMO!!! Too funnnny!

Sally said...

He is so good-- you should be animating for a living. You're such a natural.

Namowal said...

Linda, Sally,
Aw shucks *blush*
Several years ago I remember tossing my old Preston Blair animation book into the dumpster. I'd had it since my teens and it had fallen apart. I remember thinking You'll never be an animator. You can barely draw. Get rid of this ratty thing.
Thanks to Sally C for changing my mind!

booda baby said...

He's sweet as can be and you didn't have to do all of the foot/weight bits. How many frames is your cycle?

Namowal said...

Hi Boodababy. Thanks for swinging by!
I think I used a 24 frames per minute cycle for that one (I usually work at 12 frames per minute).

booda baby said...

You might as well start animating at 24 fps now. Sigh.

What I really meant was how many frames did you take for the walk cycle part? Or did you do it on the main time line? and animate across the stage?

One more time, as long as I'm here - I think fun walk cycles that suspend the 'rules of physics' (as long as you KNOW the physics and CHOOSE to suspend them) are THE best. Yes, I do. Ha.

Namowal said...

For walk cycles I animate the character walking in place. Once I have it working in a loop, I make a symbol and paste the keyframes in the symbol. Then I animate the symbol, placing it off stage left for the first keyframe, off stage right for the last. I add a motion tween so the symbol crosses the stage. Then I turn on onion skin and (all) and move the last keyframe around so the character moves without sliding (though this one slides a bit).
Hope I'm making sense. I took some cold medicine this morning and it took my IQ down about 40 points.
How do you do your walk cycles?