Thursday, August 07, 2008

Along Comes Mary

This was originally a quick sketch I did when "Along Comes Mary" was on the radio.
It became a not-so-quick-sketch.
I like this song. Some people say that song is about marijuana but I think it's way too manic. It's all over the place. Like a sugared up kid in a bounce house.
Since the lyrics don't make much sense, neither does the picture.


Linda said...

These colors are great. So is the architecture! Sally was saying something about Painter and that she didn't like the digital line quality. So are you going over your lines in order to vary the weight? (I'm taking it for granted you're using Painter.) I wonder if one thing that could help that "digital line look" is to not have the lines be continuous--maybe it would help if they broke once in a while.

Sally said...

I love the song, I love the cartoon, and tell me exactly, please oh please, how you got the beautiful blue to look like that. (I ask n for Painter advice about once a day!)

Namowal said...

Hi Linda.
My tablet is pressure sensitive, so I have some control over how thick the line is. Of course, I sometimes go back and make lines thicker too. (Glad you liked the architecture. I hope I didn't subconsciously swipe it from Sally C!)

Thanks Sally,
Here's the Top Secret Settings. You may need to click the image to get a full-sized version. Have fun!

Sally said...

Hey nam, thanks for the top secret info. Actually that pen doesn't exist in Painter X, but the settings may have put me on the right path for the watercolor look I'm trying to get. We'll see.

By the way, how did you work this out? trial and error?

And that architecture style isn't like mine-- don't let worries like that inhibit you.

stray g said...

I like that song, too. I always love house interiors in art and want to get back to doing some paintings of interiors. Once I start working in Painter (I still only did the one piece), I'm sure I'll have lots of questions, too.

Namowal said...

That brush doesn't exist in Painter X? So much for me upgrading to it.

I found that setting by fooling around. Raising the color variability gets unique results with each brush- stripes, sprinkles, etc..

stray g,
Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
I'm looking forward to seeing any interiors you paint.

booda baby said...

Oh, this is just good! And I'm going to have to look at how you got that blue, too. I'm not very good at color yet, but I have plans. Big plans.

Anyway. Marijuana shmanna. I think you nailed it. It's the song of giddiness.

Namowal said...

Thanks for swinging by, boodababy.

I think "giddiness" describes the song perfectly.

Funny how so many songs from that era had screwball lyrics.

Sally said...

There's a load of sumi brushes, but not one by that exact name. There is one that looks just like it, but it left the texture much more defined than what you've got.

Namowal said...

Does this brush have a parameter called "feature?" If it does, try changing it around to see what you get something close.
If that doesn't work, I can email you the actual files for this brush.