Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jenny Made Her Mind Up

"The Saga of Jenny" is one of my favorite songs. It was written for a show called Lady in the Dark, and appears here from a 1968 movie called Star! which I'd never heard of until this morning. That's Julie Andrews doing the singing.


stray g said...

maybe I shall write my memoir at 51. i always liked a poem called "Jenny Kiss'd Me."

Linda said...

Is this song about you? no.
The funniest thing: while watching it the little Flash creature below bouncing back and forth kept time to much of the music.

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
If you write your memoir, we'll read it.
One weird quirk about the composer (who's most famous for "Mack the Knife") is a lot of his shows had a character named "Jenny". I wonder why?
Hi Linda,
Let's hope the song isn't about me. It does remind me of a few people I've met who make disastrous decisions again and again.
I noticed the Flash guy semi-synchronization too.
p.s. sorry for the lack of Flash- my computer is being difficult lately.