Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1973 Duck

I was somewhere between 3 and 4 when I drew this.
He had to wait thirty five years to move.
I have several duck pictures from when I was little. I liked to feed them at the park. I had a plush one instead of a teddy bear.
His name was Ducky Lucky.
I remember wanting to take him with me into the supermarket (Market Basket,) and my mom saying I'd lose him if I did.
My preschool brain thought that was ridiculous. He was my favorite toy. How could I loose him? I took him with me.
Guess who lost her duck that day?


stray g said...

that is the saddest story I ever heard

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
I remember being in the isle with pickles when it suddenly hit me that I didn't have my duck. It seemed impossible that'd I'd left him somewhere, but I had.
I wondered about his fate for years.

Sally said...

wow. now I better post about my sad duck story.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
I checked out your duck story. That's a raw deal you got. At least my duck misfortune was my own fault.

Cris said...

And this is why I love animating. What can be more magical than bringing your best memories (well, if you don't count the losing your duck part) to life?

booda baby said...

Oops. That was me. I was un-signed out of a different account. Sorry.

Linda said...

Why why why are these drawings the best? Namo, this is my favorite thing you've ever done--this animated drawing. Why is this? It's so strong and simple and funny!!! I love it!!

Namowal said...

I agree with you about animation, Boodababy, It's cool the way it not only makes stuff move, it makes stuff appear alive.
Thanks, Linda.
I think kiddie drawings have their own lifelike qualities. When you're little you're not worried about the result. I wasn't thinking Does this look realistic? Is the perspective right? Do the colors clash? Do the lines look amateurish? No! That's WRONG! etc... Makes me think of the "is it good/does it suck?" demons from Lynda Barry's What It Is

stray g said...

I love this drawing / animation! I couldn't see it before because I was on a slow internet connection. It is FABULOUS!

Namowal said...

Aw, thanks stray g.
Ducky Lucky lives!