Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is Polly. She's a Spotted Western Orb Weaving Spider. She spins her web near the back door at work. She has black eyes, almost petable fur, and an Easter Egg butt. She makes her web with robotic precision, plunking each line in place with her back foot. When she nets a bug she wraps it like a burrito.
Each time I pass I stop to look at her. People think I'm nuts.


booda baby said...

What is this new technique you've got going? That's the bad thing about digital - for me. I can not tell. I like it very much, though. It's sort of got 'print' to it.

Spider, however, while very attractive is no severed head. :)

Namowal said...

Hi Boodababy,
It's a custom sumi-e brush I made in Corel Painter. I believe I found one that had a blotchy "footprint" and notched up the hue, saturation and value variability. It's the variability that gives it the textured look.
Funny crack about the severed head.

Linda said...

I may need to re-read Charlotte's Web before I can look at this.

Namowal said...

Sorry about creeping you with the spider. I like orb weavers better than other spiders because they stay outside, in their webs. You never see one on the ceiling or running laps in the tub.

stray g said...

At first I thought the title looked like the sandwich called "croque-monsieur." Then I thought that in today's vernacular this story actually sounds like a metaphor for a drug-induced hallucination.