Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cabaret Birds (early 80s)

click for larger image

Detail from a picture I drew after seeing the movie Cabaret. I was thirteen.
I still like that movie, especially how it juxtaposes onstage silliness with real life horrors.


Linda said...

Can you believe I never saw "Cabaret"? But the drawing is just wonderful. What did your parents think of your drawings? Were they delighted--Did they encourage you to draw?

Namowal said...

My parents encouraged me to draw. In fact, this pic came from an old shirt box of pictures they saved.
I was encouraged to draw up until my late teens, when parents and teachers (including a jaded art teacher) warned me that most people couldn't "make a living" with an art major.
Were you encouraged to draw?

stray g said...

The drawing is great fun. I never saw "Cabaret," either! I was always encouraged to draw. My grandfather had done some painting in retirement. My dad used to always say: "Commercial artists can make a good living."

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
You never saw Cabaret either? I may need to stage an intervention here. It's a well crafted film. I normally find Liza Minelli annoying, but she works great in this movie.
I'm glad you were encouraged to draw yourself, and that your dog collection is taking off.

Sally said...

I never saw Cabaret but I LOVE this drawing. My mother is bothered that Dinah wants to be a veterinary surgeon when she had so much artistic potential at age 5.

Namowal said...

Thanks Sally!
When I was going through my old pictures I saw this it reminded me of your early animations.
That's ironic that your mom is unhappy Dinah wants to be a vet when she could be an artist. Usually it's the other way around- the kid wants to be an artist and his family expects him/her to be a doctor.