Monday, September 29, 2008

So Ye Think Ye Can Dance?

"So you think you can dance?" is this week's Drawing Board topic.
He's supposed to be a slug. People familiar with kiltware may notice I left out the sporran (purse thingy). I ran out of time.


Linda said...

I'm scared of slugs. I run away when I see one.

Namowal said...

Even ones dressed up in kilts?

Slugs are freaky, aren't they?
I saw a jumbo-sized one in Scotland. I thought Why are they trying to find the Loch Ness Monster when they have these brutes crawling aound?

stray g said...

Occasionally one sneaks into the house! I get Pat to help them outdoors.

Namowal said...

They sneak indoors!
It must be damper in Tennessee than it is here.
That's nice of pat to rescue them. I bet a lot of slugs caught in home invasions don't live to tell about it.

stray g said...

Yes, little ones come in after a big rain. I guess we need better weatherstripping!