Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You will Go to the Moon!

"Futuristic Promises Not Kept" is this week's Drawing Board theme.
When I was little I had a book called You will go to the moon. I believed it. I never believed in Santa or the Easter Bunny, but I was sure I'd visit the moon. I had a few ideas for the title of the book should have said: You will go Nowhere, You will go to the Starbucks , etc..

I almost skipped this one. I've left comments at another blog where an artist completed a project with a similar theme. Anyone reading that blog who wanders here may think Hey! She mooched his idea. In my defense, "Futuristic Promises Not Kept" was another Drawing Board member's idea, not mine. And I think my cartoon is different enough to stand on its own.

p.s. to Sally C. and Linda,
I hope it's clear that I'm referring to those silly viral videos with dancing hamsters, dramatic prairie dogs, pratfalls and assorted weirdos. Your animation videos are delights. Nothing inane about them.


stray g said...

I love this; it's very funny. Videos, Starbucks, nowhere, all of it.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Stray,
Did you buy into the "you'll go to the moon!" pitch when you were a kid?

I think I was born (late 60s) at the end of the "The future is gonna solve our problems and be cool!" era.
By the time I was nine or ten the message was "The future will be a polluted dump." Not very inspiring, but I suppose it made recycling popular.

Linda said...

I really like what you came up with! A+

sg said...

We were filled with such hope then. It was a fun time to grow up. I would have been too scared to go to the moon, but my husband still wants to go.

Namowal said...

Aw, thanks, Linda!
Hi Stray g.
I agree it was a fun time to grow up. In addition to moon trips, we were promised undersea colonies. And robots!

There can only be one PHYL said...

a blast from the past!

very cool

Robby said...

made me laugh out loud

Namowal said...

Thanks, Robby and Phyl.

Brian Fies said...

I LOVED that book! It was very important to me. Of course my family sold it at a garage sale decades ago, but I rebought it as an adult because it was so formative. It was also very much on my mind while I worked on that little project of mine (thanks for the mention and link).

Namowal said...

Thanks for swinging by, Brian.
Glad you were able to get another copy You will go to the moon. I bet you expected to go to there too. The book even hinted a trip to Mars was possible. "See that red dot...?"