Monday, May 14, 2007

Words Appear, Words Vanish

My last entry mentioned a "possessed" kid whom I thought was faking. I (and others before me) thought he was jiggling the bed, throwing things, tipping furniture, and doing the bad language bit. No supernatural assistance required.
But, what about the witnesses who saw words appear on his skin?
How could he fake that?
It's easy.
Scratched skin takes twenty to forty seconds to turn pink.
I originally included some tips on how to etch a short lived note on your palm (without causing an injury). This was followed with instructions on how to use this schtick to freak out your friends.
Then I feared they would be misconstrued by some idiot as instructions for carving himself up like a scored ham and I'd get blamed.
I can hear the prosecuting attorney now:
"This monster, Namowal, deliberately lures innocent children with cute pictures, then leads the poor lambs down the road to satanic mutilation..." Bleh.
I removed the instructions and replaced them with an idiot proof plan:
If you want to have a message appear on your skin, buy a tube of "mood" lipstick at the drug store and use it as your pen. It goes on clear then turns pink as it reacts to the pH of your skin.
Good luck with washing it off.

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