Sunday, May 20, 2007

Disqualifying the Positive

In logic it's known as the "Special Pleading Fallacy". In cognitive psychology it's called "Disqualifying the positive". I don't know the Latin name, but Argumentum YouCan'tBeFreakingSeriousum would suffice.

Ever have a conversation like this?

Details have been changed, the attitudes have not.

Ingrate: Ya know Lassie? That dog is out to get me.

Me: Huh? She just rescued you when you fell through the ice.

Ingrate: She should have rescued me before I fell in the ice.

Me: How was she supposed to know it would break? It didn't help that you were jumping up and down on the cracked part right before you broke through.

Ingrate: She ruined my new scarf when she pulled me out of the water.

Me: Was she supposed to leave you? What did you expect ?

Ingrate: She could have found a St. Bernard or something.

Me:What?! Lassie risked her life to save yours and you're complaining?

Ingrate: Why do you always stick up for Lassie? You're on Lassie's side!


While I'm at it I might as well ram a cocktail fork in my ear and argue politics on the Internet.