Thursday, May 17, 2007


"Blog" is a funny word. It sounds purple, slimy, possibly contagious.
If, twenty years ago, someone said I'd have a blog by 2007, I'd want to know whether the surgeons were able to remove it all.
"Blogging" is a funny word too. Out of context it sounds crude, perhaps illegal. Something involving blunt equipment and substance abuse. Like playing polo in a swamp with a bowling ball under the influence of yak tranquillizers. As in "Police have busted a blogging ring in Florida..."
Blogging ring. While looking for one I found The Link and Blog Challenge. It's a clever idea. Instead of just collecting and sorting blogs, it encourages users to interact and link to each other.
Here's an example on how it works: Suppose I discover a Challenge member who writes about his job as a crocodile wrangler. His blog inspires me to write blog about croc wrangling (and how I'd probably get killed if I dabbled in it. )It's win-win. I get material, he gets publicity. My first challenge? Write an entry about blogging.
Why do I blog? Many reasons. I like to write and draw. Someone with similar interests (or experiences) may enjoy it. My friends claim it's amusing. The blog itself is a friend, listening to my rants, opinions, and ideas.

Finally, blogging feeds my inner narcissist- that shameless "Hey everybody! Look at me!" slice of my ego. But that's just me...


GhostBuild said...

What's that wacked-out chicken carrying in his hand?

Namowal said...

That's supposed to be a polo mallet (or club, or hammer... not sure what they're really called)

GhostBuild said...

Ooops! Heh! I actually meant his OTHER hand. I kept thinking... "are those un-lit bottle rockets?" Then I realized just now. DUH, it's the horse's EARS. Hello Mr. Obvious! *bonks own head*

Bird of Paradise said...

Playing Polo with a bowling ball is something new