Friday, May 04, 2007

On the Floor Again

It happened again.
I was chatting with a coworker when the blood left my heed like water in a fleshing toilet (complete with the "whoosh! "noise). The room faded, as did my friend's voice...
"Hold it, I need to sit down," I interrupted.
"Exactly!" said my friend, "I was telling them that I really needed to sit down and... hey? You O.K. there?"
Everything went black- like I was yanked into a hole. I don't think I was completely out because I could still talk. Sorta. I gave them a rambling version of my "don't worry this happens all the time" speech. My friend and another coworker had put me on the floor so I wouldn't fall and smack my head. Seconds later I was fine. Funny how one can go from normal to a blob of Jell-O and back so quickly.
What's going on? Why is my brain pulling stupid tricks like this? It's embarrassing!
Note- since I wrote this post I had a chance to visit a doctor (who was nice enough to bill me at a discount since I'm not insured). The verdict: It's probably harmless since
1. It has been going on for 20 years without getting worse
2. It only happens when I'm standing up.
Yay! No medical tests! Whoohoo!
Wait, I still have this dumb problem. Oh well.

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