Monday, May 07, 2007

Goat & Monkey Eviction

My friends swear by astrology. I think it's hooey. Stars and planets are neat, but I can't see them calling the shots. How could they? Some say that we are affected by their gravitational force. I suppose if Jupiter were three feet away, said gravitational force (and radiation, temperature and chemical issues) would alter my day. But it's way the heck out there. 500+ million miles away. I bet my keyboard stronger gravitational tug on me.
It bothered me that my blogger profile had not only my astrological sign (Capricorn), but my Chinese astrological sign (Monkey). Anyone clicking my profile gets a "Hi I'm Namowal! I'm a Capricorn! I'm born in the Year of the Monkey! I take this stuff seriously!" message.
The other day I discovered I could lose the hocus pocus elements if I removed my birthday from my profile.
Bye Monkey. Bye Freaky Water Goat. Don't let the delete button hit you on the way out.


GhostBuild said...

Hey now! That drawing was pretty sweet! Even if you are drawing how you evicted them. :-)

Did you draw and then scan that? The hair on the mystical animals came out nicely detailed. Just curious.

Namowal said...

Thanks, GhostBuild

That was drawn on my tablet pc with Corel Painter. The black lines were done on the pen settings, the color on the airbrush setting.
I'm glad you liked it. Some of the details (hair included) had to be redrawn several times to get it right. It's not like I sat down and whipped it out in a few minutes. :)