Friday, November 09, 2007

Scary Tree

A comely tree on Sally Cruikshank's blog reminded me of something that happened when I was little.
I remember looking at a peeling eucalyptus tree from our back window. A scary face stared back! I knew it was only an illusion, but it was so sinister looking that I didn't want see it, ever again. I suggested we permanently draw the blinds. My parents didn't agree. I'd have to devise my own avoidance tactics. For days I avoided the window (a large one in the living room)- I wouldn't even face the same direction.
A week later I asked my dad to check on Scary Tree. Perhaps the bark that made his features had peeled off. My dad glanced out the window and gave the all clear. "Looks like a bunch of peeling bark now", he said. I looked out the window-
He was still there! Mean and angry looking as ever! Cold fear surged through me. How could Dad miss it? My preschool brain thought. Doesn't he see it?
I forget what became of Scary Tree (this was over 35 years ago). Either he peeled off or I got distracted and forgot about him. As an adult I find it amusing, but boy, did that thing scare me when I was a kid.


Sally said...

I thought I left a comment here last night, guess I forgot to push the button! I wonder if it ties in with when you first saw Snow White?

Your goofy childhood stories are always so intriguing.

Namowal said...

Good question. One of my earliest memories was observing that some detail on my bed (or crib) was shaped like Ronald McDonald's head, so there is a media influence. I also remember being scared silly by the anthropomorphic trees in the McDonald's commercials (early 70s).
Glad you enjoy my goofy childhood. I bet yours was interesting too. :)