Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Little Scorpy

I was fiddling with another Martian vs. the Scorpion cartoon. I couldn't shake how creepy the thing looked. Was it possible to make one cute, yet still recognizable as a scorpion? I wonder if I could pull the same stunt with a horseshoe crab?


GhostBuild said...


Nice job on softening up those features! I like the little green shoes and the puffy cheeks and pincers. Hmm... "pincers" or "claws" don't work as words that mate with "cute" very well. Let's call them "graspers".

"Awwwww... aren't I so cuddly wuddly? Pay no mind my wittle bitty tail containing a BONE-SEARING NEUROTOXIN OF UNYIELDING AGONY."


I think you can definitely pull that off with the horseshoe crab. Maybe stick on white and red striped leggings with big yellow cartoony shoes on the end of each leg. Slap googly eyes on top with some floating eyebrows. Conveniently do away with the sharp barb, and hang a McDonald's flag from the tail instead. Display a corner of a slice of cheese protruding from underneath the shell... wait a minute, is this where Filet O' Fish ACTUALLY comes from? GASP!

Sally said...

yes it's the tail on a scorpion that makes its basic design so disturbing, at least to me. This is a nice illo. The colors are especially appealing.

Namowal said...

I wasn't sure what to do with his stinger. How do you make it benign? Turn it into a display hook? Make it an ice cream dispenser? Or just put a cork on it? ;)
As for your Horseshoe crab = filet o' fish theory, that would be funny if McDonalds introduced some Horseshoe Crab based product and gave it some cutesy name "Crab -esque (pronounced Crab bisque) McChunkers"
I think the scorpion's tail is the animal kingdom's version of a scary guy who sits on his porch with a loaded shotgun. He doesn't have it tucked back in the basement like a wasp or a sting ray. It's hanging above his head, ready for action.
Thanks for the kind comments about the picture and the colors. I actually spent a lot of time fooling with the color scheme, so I'm glad it payed off.

Sally said...

Namo- great interpretation of a scorpion's tail! Cracked me up.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally :)