Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bouncy Board

When I was pre-school aged, my family would take us to a little airport called Meadowlark.
It was cool because it had a snack bar and a picnic area where you could watch the planes taxi and take off.
Also cool was what I dubbed the "Bouncy Board". It was a low wooden platform made of creaky old wood. Springy wood. My brother and I jumped on it like a trampoline. No trip to Meadowlark was complete without a jump on the Bouncy Board.
The fun ended the day an old timer pointed out that the platform covered an old swimming pool. My brother and I had been stomping on half rotten wood over a concrete hole!
Here's an aerial view of my old, ah, stomping grounds.

It's from this site. Bouncy Board details added by me.


walterworld said...

Great story about Meadowlark airport and the old covered pool. Too bad the whole place was re-developed...

I enjoy your blog---Take care!

Namowal said...

Thanks for the comment walterworld. :)
As you probably guessed, I like your blog too.
I agree it was a shame that it was demolished. I bet the same thing happens to the Tustin blimp hangers.

linda said...

I know why I don't have kids. I could not function. I would be a wreck all the time. We're lucky that Tail o' the Rat exists today.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda.
It is unnerving how kids have a knack for risking their lives. (One of the reasons I don't have kids myself.) There seems to be an inverse correlation to how dangerous something is and how a kid fears it: there I was, terrified of a tree , yet willing to stomp on rotting wood over a 10-foot hole.