Friday, November 30, 2007


Let's see. Hard work, loyalty and sacrifice hasn't gotten me that far.
But do something silly and irresponsible like gambling and I get two jackpots within 24 hours? I don't get it.

That royal flush was dealt to me!
If you're familiar with video poker you'll notice that the pay table makes 'em tight machines too.
I joked that I wouldn't be satisfied until I got the four deuce mini jackpot too.
Sure enough...

I don't think I'll become a professional gambler. I know the casino has an edge and these are just flukes. Still, stuff like this makes me wonder about the nature of the universe.
Here's what happened last year in Las Vegas:

Go figure.
I didn't even get my camera yanked for taking pictures in the casino.


walterworld said...

Wow! Were you playing quarters or dollars?

What a run!!!

Namowal said...

Believe it or not, walterworld, it was a quarter machine.

walterworld said...

Yow! Still a nice haul...

Glad your ship came in that day.

Take care!

Duh said...

Namowal, WOW!!! Are you kidding?
Did you win 2 thou?
(Not familiar with these terms, but tried to read the signs...)
What will you do with the money?
Don't spend it on insurance or bills!
And last year in Las Vegas...what did that mean?
I'm embarrassed to post my real name, so I'll just call myself Duh.
(Lin-duh here.)

Namowal said...

Thanks, walterworld and "Duh".
My family are a bunch of video poker maniacs so I forget that most people are less familiar.
I was visiting New Orleans with my folks, and got two jackpots. The big one was the royal flush (first picture), and a smaller one for getting four deuces (it was a deuces wild machine).
My "last year in Vegas" referred to a another jackpot I got last year in said city. I like these statistical flukes, but I'm not counting on any more.
Not sure what to spend it on- but it won't be insurence. :)

Sally said...

Wow, that is so amazing. So did the money come down clickety clackety or was it a silent win? What a thrillo!

Namowal said...

It was a silent win, Sally. A few years ago most casinos switched to printing redeemable tickets (boo!) instead of dropping coins. To compensate, they machines play a recording of coins clanking when the ticket comes out.