Monday, November 05, 2007

Parking Ticket

Working long hours and weekends means:
1. It's tough to find a parking space when I get home.
2. I forget what day of the week it is.
This in turn got me a parking ticket. Supposedly it's for blocking the street sweeper, but the goons make several rounds it chugs in. Easy money.
Of course, it had been issued minutes before. I'd have missed it if I hadn't bothered to take out the trash before leaving.
On the way to work I saw a bunch of other cars who'd gotten the same surprise. Ticket frenzy.
Parking enforcement cars would play the them from Jaws and look like this:


GhostBuild said...

wow, you've touched a nerve in me on this topic! You gotta wonder how people who do this for a living sleep at night, especially those that tow the car away for a parking violation. Imagine all the hateful things said to their faces on those rare days when they get caught in the middle of performing their "disciplinary" duty. Friggin' predators.

Be thankful they don't stick a boot on your car wheel, leaving you stranded.

Namowal said...

Unless you had the supervillian mentality (i.e. "ha ha ha! I may be small but I'll smite you with my tickets and boots!"), parking enforcement has to be tough. I too have imagined the abuse they must get when caught in the act.
Come to think of it, that'd be good blog material. I'll have to search one...

mentormatt8 said...

Yeah I wonder how the parking enforcemet officers sleep at night. Like this one, he delivered 10 tickets in 10 minutes in one spot! Nicely, deceptively placed!

mentormatt8 said...

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