Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Tough to Be a Fish

Seafood restaurants have a blunt honesty. Many are filled with fish photos: Fish getting hooked, fish flopping around on deck, fish strung up for photo ops, and loose piles of freshly deceased specimens. I've never been to a steak house or a BBQ joint that showed cows or pigs going through such indignities. Fish need to unionize for better representation.


walterworld said...

That's funny about fish restaurants. Never really thought about it that way before.


Namowal said...

My dad pointed out that fish (at least the big ones) are considered trophy animals- requiring some skill on behalf of the fisherman to catch them.
Of course, I'm sure most of the fish served there were either farmed or scooped up in jumbo nets- which wouldn't make restaurant-friendly photos.

Bill said...

I was in a restaurant in Prague that had boar skin rugs on the walls. And served a mean wild boar too! I would start one here in Canada, but you know it is..."ewwww, you mean the pig doesn't come pre-wrapped in brown paper packages! OMG! OMG!" Yes Virginia, it used to be a living breathing animal, enjoying the sunlight and harming nobody until I snuffed out its pathetic life!

Bad idea.

Namowal said...

I agree Bill, you'd probably have trouble running a restaurant like that in North America. Too honest.
What does wild boar taste like? I bet it's way leaner than domestic pork.