Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Nemo vs. The Turkey

Click Little Nemo Cartoon for larger image

When overtime keeps me busy, I post other people's work.
Today's artist is Winsor McCay.
This is one of my all time favorite Little Nemo in Slumberland cartoons.
The only large version I could find online* cropped at the top and translated to French, but you can still follow the plot. A big turkey has come to fetch Nemo and bring him to Slumberland, but the plans go awry.
The pircture of the bird strutting through the city, house in beak, cracks me up. It's such a ridiculous concept, yet it's drawn realistically. The nightmare could have ended there, but there's more. A lesser artist/writer might have had Nemo land in a lake or the woods. Here he lands in a lake of cranberry sauce, surrounded by a forest of onions!
Sadly, I recently found out that all that's left of the original artwork is a ripped corner. What kind of idiot would tear something like this up?

*I have a copy of it at home in a book but I need to hook up my scanner (and I'm nervous about cracking the spine of said book)


Sally said...

One of the greatest American artists, and a supreme example: the storyline, the design, the surprise, the elegance.

Did you see the show at the Hammer museum of comic strip art a couple of years ago?

Namowal said...

I completly missed that! :(
Did you get a chance to see it? Was it any good?