Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Future

The future was cool when I was a kid. Cars will fly! Robots! You will go to the moon!
Now it's a scary void. No guarantees of love, happiness, success. Even long term employment is a maybe in this idiot century. Nothing is certain.
Then again, I've been dreading "the future" for the last twenty years, worrying about things that.
1. Usually didn't happen
2. Or if they did happen, it wasn't the horror show I expected.
When I was in high school I worried that I'd miss it after graduation (I didn't). Same with college. I was sure my life would be over once I graduated from college and left that life behind (it wasn't). And so on. I know worrying is counterproductive. It doesn't change anything, it's a waste of time... yet I do it anyway.


GhostBuild said...

Concern about uncertainty can come across anybody's mind. The trick would be to not let it paralyze oneself.

Uniblogger said...

The point is to live in the 'Now'. The past is gone and the future has not arrived yet...there is only the present.