Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Divider

"What's that?" my preschool-aged self pointed to what looked like a pull down door in the middle of the back seat of my Dad's car.
"That's the divider. It cuts the back seat in two," Mom said.

I dared not open it. I thought it would unleash a ferocious set of mechanical jaws. They'd chomp the seat, and possibly me, in half!

Months (possibly years) later I summoned the courage to face the beast. The stumpy block of upholstery that swung in place was something of a let down.


Sally said...


linda said...


Namowal said...

Sally, Linda,
Glad you two found this as amusing as I did. :) It's funny how kid logic works- how the most ridiculous, grotesque or cartoony notions are taken seriously. said...

So sorry for your disappointment, lol. But I am glad it didn't eat you.

Shades Below said...


The only other things you would find in there were crumbs, candy wrappers and lint balls.

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

The concept seems ridiculous, but when you're little, and you've seen those big robot arms and brushes in the drive thru car wash, it's not that crazy to assume there's an extra one waiting in the car.. :)