Friday, October 26, 2007

First Anniversary!

This silly blog is one years old today!
The odd picture is a satire of on an infamous local painting which I discussed in my first post, Ghost of the Pink Lady. It was one of several posts where I compared then and now photos, warping the modern one so it lined up exactly with the historical one. Other examples include Sixty Years Ago Today and Crime and the Scary water.
Many early posts were snarky and satirical. I goofed on Thomas Kinkcade , Bumper Stickers and frivolous Sharper Image gadgets. I posted pics of garishly painted buildings and demanded to know why anyone would paint their house that color.
Soon cartoons replaced the photos and composites and the blog became more autobiographical, perhaps even self absorbed. Early examples include Rant of the Ant (drawn with a mouse) and Nothing is Certain but Death and Crackers (an early tablet p.c. drawing.)
Then came the Drawing Board and the Martians...
I was newly unemployed when I started this blog. I'd planned to point out that now I'm up to my neck in work. A "wow, I've come a long way" observation. Then I found out I was soon to be unemployed again. I've come full circle. I'm sure I'll eventually find something else. Until then, more time for me to work on Tail o' The Rat.
Special thanks to loyal readers Ghostbuild and Sally. You make it all the more rewarding.


GhostBuild said...

Congrats and thankyou for the mention!

Dang, I gotta get on my blog again. :-D

Namowal said...

Thanks Ghostbuild!
Now get to work on that blog of yours! ;)

Sally said...

Hey, congratulations! More Martians! You have a great drawing style, and very funny sense of humor and observation.

However, when I read the descripts of the early posts it gives me that universal blog panic-- so many great things to read and links to follow down-- and so many interruptions. I think many people avoid reading blogs because of the feeling of overwhelmingness, or what is it?

GhostBuild said...

I think I can empathize, Sally. Given enough links in one page, the web of possible paths can be like information overload.

Namowal said...

Sorry Ghost & Sally. I didn't mean to turn this post into an open ended hydra of links. *blush*
They're strictly optional. I never expected anyone to follow them all. More like footnotes as opposed to required reading.
That being said, I can see how they appear jarring. It is hard to follow a narrative point if it keeps branching elsewere into distracting examples. The online version of "and then the lion pounced out of nowhere and ...say, that reminds me of the time I went to Lion Safari Jungle Beer Gardens. Wanna see a picture of me with a parrot on my shoulder? You know, I had a polorid of a monkey on my shoulder once but the monkey ran off with the picture before it developed..."

Namowal said...

Poleriod. Whoops. :)