Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Jerk is Me

It's street parking at my place. This can be a problem when I work past 9 or 10 p.m. Most spots are taken. I usually have to park down the street or around the block, which makes me nervous because I'd be easy pickings for any mugger or murderer lurking about. Last night, however, the bad guy was me.
I wasn't trying to be a jerk. When I left the car, I noticed the end of my car jutted a foot into a curb ramp. Someone's driveway? It was maybe four feet wide and lead to what looked like a narrow walkway. There was enough room for a bike or motorcycle to maneuver around my car so I let it go. It was late, I was sleep deprived, and I wanted to get indoors before my feared murderer spotted me.
Bad decision. Next morning a dew soaked note on my windshield scolded me for blocking her driveway. Part of me felt indignant- what kind of car could fit on that thing? Does she drive a Big Wheel? I felt bad too. I imagined her (I figured this was a she because the stationary was pink, there was a "please" and there was no profanity) coming home late and sleep-deprived, hoping to get indoors before she was mugged or worse. And there some jerk has blocked her way. What kind of person would be so inconsiderate!? Some people!
I hate it when I do something rude by mistake.

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