Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Get Hacked

My email got hacked. 
People on my contact list got an message like this:

Lord knows what the link leads to.  Maybe a sales pitch.   Maybe a virus.
 I'm not clicking it...
The "someone broke into my account" factor isn't nearly as annoying as the fact that nearly everyone I've sent mail to- including:
  • old friends
  • coworkers 
  • internet acquaintances
  • relatives
  • people I've admired enough to send fan mail to... mail from "me" with my duck icon and a bogus link.   The next time these people see the duck icon or read my name, they'll think: hmmm... Namowal... that duck picture...... isn't that the spammer who trashed my computer?  What a tool! 

I originally picked the duck head icon because it was good natured and unpretentious. When it appeared (here and other places on the web) I wanted to communicate this:

Unfortunately, it now communicates this:


Linda said...

Nah, not to those of us who know the real Namowal.

walterworld said...

Oh boy what a drag...

Loved the cartoon illustration though; it was quite hilarious :)