Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Crummy Moth!

Guest Blogger: Milton the Moth
" Eat your greens, little caterpillar," the adults promised, "And someday you'll be a beautiful butterfly!"
That's what I heard every day.  All this buildup as to how someday I'd graduate from grubhood, emerging as a colorful butterfly.  I often wondered how I'd turn out.  Would I be an iconic Monarch?  A sporty Swallowtail?   Maybe I'd even be the kind with those big pretend eyes on my wings.
Well, imagine my surprise when I broke out of my cocoon and discovered I was a crummy moth.   A moth!  A plain, dinky, grayish moth.   This is what I was waiting for?
My stupid caterpillar buddies all turned out as butterflies.   They're too cool to hang with me anymore, but they still stop by to bug me.  "Who's up for laps around the streetlight" one goes, and the rest crack up laughing.  They also call me "Clothes Nibbler," "Porch Light Pest," "Cat Toy," and "Bat Bait".  Gee, thanks guys!


Pile Girl said...

You could be MOTHRA!


(Seriously, I am terrified of moths!)

Milton the Moth said...

Yeah... I could be a Mothra!
Stand back! Milton's flying to town and this time he's ready to kick some butt. Whoohoo!
You made my day, Pile Girl.

Linda said...

Now I feel terrible.
I whacked a Mothra with a newspaper last night. Maybe he'll be reborn, I hope, but outside.

Milton the Moth said...

Don't worry Linda.
That was "Steamer Trunk McMange" you took out.
Both the Mothia and the Firefly Illuminati had hits on him.