Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Fun House

When I was little, the park had a "Fun House."  It was a fiberglass shack with big rolling barrel.  A hamster wheel for kids.
Cartoon character knockoffs greeted you on the side.
Say "hello" to Woody Daffy Duck Pecker  and Bob's Porky Pig Boy.  Or maybe Bat Boy.  Or a toddling Freddy Krueger.

You were supposed to run in place, like this:

I never got the knack of it...

I had better luck on all fours...
...until a bigger kid (or kids) showed up and spun the barrel the other way.  

Soon I'd be heading for the swings. 
Dumb ol' Fun House!


Linda Prescott said...

totally remember the hamster wheels! the one i remember was near a snake park and I was traumatized because they fed bunnies to the snakes!

Linda said...

I especially love that last illo.

Linda Prescott, that's even worse than the fun house.

Namowal said...

Hi Linda P.
Did they feed bunnies to snakes in front of kids? That's creepy!

Hi Linda D.
The last illo was added as an afterthought. I figured a departure from the rolling barrel gags was in order.

Mike Healy said...

Great illustrations and sequence!

For some reason, I was always annoyed but yet captivated by cheesy (and hurriedly)-drawn/painted rendtitions of cartoon characters we knew and loved on certain signs. It always made you feel you could do so much better than that!

booda baby said...

I sooo much loved the illustrations. The last one's got sweet punch line to it.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Mike.
Knockoffs of famous cartoon characters are interesting in their own way:
You can usually recognize the character, yet they're disturbingly off. It's the Uncanny Valley of cartoons.

Thanks, Boodababy!