Sunday, January 04, 2009

Trees on the Curb

I know they're plants. Dead plants.
I know they have no feelings.
Yet part of me feels sorry for curbed Christmas trees.
They just look so sad, lying tipped over like a fallen animal.
I imagine the tree being confused, since for all these weeks he's been fussed over and now he's next to the hefty bags, awaiting the garbage truck. Perhaps thinking, What'd I do? or They don't love me anymore!
I'm glad some things don't have feelings.


Sally said...

I know exactly what you mean. I undressed our tree and hauled it out back. Next day as I passed by I thought, "Maybe it would like a little water." duh.

sg said...

I love this illustration! As much as I complain it's too much work to put up a tree, I get really sad taking it down (I miss the lights so much). We were going to recycle ours but had to get neighbors to help haul it out to the curb because Pat's thumb hurt, and the neighbors wanted to take it to a party with a tree bonfire, and they had been so helpful I couldn't say but what about recycling....

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
I can see how the drying-out tree triggers the Hey! I need some water here. Instinct.
Thanks, Sg,
Taking down the tree is anticlimactic- sort of like unfrosting a fancy cake. I can understand why you miss the lights- it gets dark so early this time of year that it's nice to have some festive lighting.

Linda said...

But I'm sure trees have feelings!

p.s. I like the illo, too.

stray said...

I think they have feelings, too.

walterworld said...

Ours is in front as I type. A sad sight indeed.

I always used to by small, live pines and then plant them in the back. But since I now have 9-10 large pines growing, it had to stop...

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
There's a tower of a palm tree near my place that must date back to the 1920s. I often catch myself wondering what the tree has "seen" over the years.
I like the idea of planting live ones, Walterworld, but I suppose I'd have to stop too if my yard started turning to Sherwood Forest.