Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Flash Preview

Here's another screen shot from the Flash animation I'm working on. It's fun.
It's also taking way longer than I hoped, even though much of it is limited animation. Probably the most time consuming part is getting all the layers to sync up, as it's divided up in a million layers. I'm sure there's an easier way.
If any of you have tips on how to speed things along, let me know.
I downloaded a plugin called Animslider Pro. It's great for controlling nested animation. It also has a feature called AnimPack Pro, but I haven't figured it out yet.


Sally said...

Woo, what are so many layers about? I found using the folders carefully really helps to clear the work space, and locking a folder locks everything inside, which might help you not mess things up on another layer.

Namowal said...

Okay, maybe it's not a million layers... more like a dozen. For the limited animation parts I split up the body parts so I can move them independantly. Flash sometimes gets weird on me if I motion tween different symbols in the same layer.
I've never used the folders before. That's something new to look into.

Sally said...

You need to keep all your motion tweened layers/symbols separate. Sometimes it may seem as if you can bunch a couple of symbols together and tween them but you will run into trouble with that. Better to put them on separate layers, put all those layers into a single folder and close the folder and lock it or not.

Although nesting symbols cleans things up, sometimes it's better if you're dealing with sync issues, to keep everything on one level. It just depends on the situation. If you decide to duplicate a nested symbol, be sure you duplicate every part inside it, otherwise you'll be cursing, because your original symbol will also be changed, since its inner parts have been changed.

Namowal said...

Thanks for the tip about storing stuff in folders, Sally. For some reason I never used them before.
And another thanks for the warning about duplicating nested symbols- I can see how that could happen! So much about learning Flash seems to be learning what not to do.

Linda said...

Uh...Namo! This looks like it is going to be an incredible animation!

I used to think that I should try to "conserve" layers (like conserving water and electricity) by putting as many things on one layer as possible. WRONG! It's so much simpler to put every little thing on its own layer and LABEL THE LAYERS. (Used to think I could save time by not stopping to label.)

The folders are a lifesaver. I can't use mc's in my present work, but S. taught me that I can make a graphic symbol that acts like a mc as long as I leave as many frames as it needs on the main time line. I'm slowly figuring out that if you go back and change something in one of the original graphic symbols, or vice-versa, that that change will cascade down through all the instances of the symbols. I think this is basically the same thing as when Sally says "If you decide to duplicate a nested symbol, be sure you duplicate every part inside it, otherwise you'll be cursing, because your original symbol will also be changed, since its inner parts have been changed."

I find that I'm duplicating symbols a lot, and also that I'm using the "SWAP" symbol thing a lot. Major eye-opener: Our pal taught me that the Find and Replace (under Edit) can switch out ALL KINDS of THINGS instantly...even colors within symbols.

I think you should take your time with this and not rush it--the pieces you've shown look so nice --even though we can't wait to see it.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda,
I agree that folders (now that I've started using them) make things much easier.
There really should be a checkbox for duplicating symbols where one has the choice between "copy the symbol" and "copy the symbol and make copies of everything in it"
I really appreciate the advice and encouragement from you and Sally!

booda baby said...

It looks like Sally already encouraged this, but I'm happy to second it. Swap symbols ends up being a really really great thing.

It takes longer, forces you to re-draw and a little more patience in general, but has the most amazing advantages AND speeds everything up in the end.

Namowal said...

I practiced the swap thing yesterday and I'll have to agree it comes in handy. I'm the kid with a new toy!