Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mouse Party II

Guess who's back?
I my mouse problems were done after I cleaned my cupboards and ditched the Backyard Critter Snax. Still, I inspected the scene of the crime regularly just in case.
When I checked last night, a little mouse head popped up where the cupboard floor met the wall. He didn't seem to concerned I about me. His attitude was Oh, hi there. Do you live here too? I growled. He retreated.
Further inspection found he'd gotten into a bag of tiny black thistle seeds I feed finches with. I'd never seen wild rodents at that feeder so I figured they didn't care for it. This mouse wasn't picky.
I sent away for a catch-and-release trap. Stay tuned for what happens next.


stray said...

how's it going?

Namowal said...

Stay tuned for pictures...!
(Don't worry, nothing gross)