Friday, January 16, 2009

Summer Samba

My Flash project is hogging my blogging time, but I found a few minutes to throw this together. That old chestnut Brazilnut, "Summer Samba" was playing (on an electric organ, no less). I had to sketch this.
This is the kind of song the easy listening stations played when I was little (and when I was in college). No new age or soft rock. You'd hear stuff like this at the grocery store too. Makes me think of back when the frozen food section didn't have doors (it was cold!). Bags were paper and didn't have handles. T.V. dinners had aluminum trays and you had to peel back foil over selected items (and wait up to forty minutes for them to heat). Soda opened with pull tabs and diet soda tasted like hairspray.


Linda said...

This is so funny...Remember A Taste of Honey by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass? It was going through my mind the other day and I had to belt it out in the kitchen for Tom.

stray said...

i played those on the piano when i took lessons, Linda! i love the loose sketch and blue wash over the bird

Namowal said...

There was a pop tune I dubbed "the Supermarket Trumpet Song" because that's where I always heard it (well, 20+ years ago that is).
"A Taste of Honey" didn't sound familiar so I typed it into the You-Tube search.
Guess who said "Hey! It's the Supermarket Trumpet Song!"

Thanks Stray!
I guess the Supermarket Trumpet Song is also the Music Lesson Piano song.