Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stupid Noises

Click the cartoon for a bigger version. :)

I named him Goro after a character from the opera Madama Butterfly. The latter Goro was a scheming troublemaker, and not the most sucessful trickster. In the show he actually gets his butt kicked by Madama Butterfly when she catches him spreading vicious rumors.
I toyed with naming him Thycho (after an astronomer), but "Goro" seemed to fit him the best.


Sally said...

Hey, I just finished reading your whole strip. I should have started at the first one, but then I caught on. It's really nice, and developing well.

Two things I noticed: hope you're not hand lettering, as there are spelling errors here and there.

And it looks better in black and white, the look of the strip, as well as the humor of the ongoing story, continue to improve as you read along.

It really is a classic story strip, that's neat. Somehow you should publish it on your blog so reader knows to start at the beginning and read along.

Also I got totally hysterical last night reading the Cartoon Curmudgeon, (did I get the name right?), linked off your page. If you're a strip cartoonist, I imagine you just hope that guy doesn't pay a visit to your strip. very very funny.

Namowal said...

Thanks for the feedback and nice comments, Sally, I wasn't aware of the spelling blunders- thanks for pointing this out. I agree there should be a way to see them in their proper order. I'll see what I can hack together. :)
One concern- I hope Vespa (the female one) doesn't look too much like Anita to you. I wasn't trying to lift your material when I created her, but as I made the character more feminine (hair, female figure etc..) she gained a slight resemblance, especially when I switched to black and white. Please let me know if you want me to alter her appearance.

Sally said...

don't be ridic! It's a whole other planet! I thought she looked a little Krillian, as in that comic I posted the other day.