Sunday, September 02, 2007

Out of Order.

I had three work-in-progress pics that I planned to complete and post this weekend. Nothing like a long weekend to catch up on things, kick back and draw.
1. Corel Painter suddenly won't open.
2. I'm out of town so I can't reinstall it until later this week.
The only art software here is an ancient Photoshop hack. It's so old I'm surprised it's not on a wax cylinder (I have a spiffy up-to-date, authorized version at home). There's also these tools I vaguely remember called "a pencil" and "paper."
Minor problems like this tend to work out for the best. A few weeks back my original "Militant Slug" picture got corrupted and had to be redrawn. The new pic was much better than the original. Chaos is my friend.


Sally said...

Tell me about Corel Painter. I had Painter way back in the early days, when I think it was made by Fractal, but could never get comfortable with it. Meanwhile Dinah was in second grade and thought it was a great program.

I'm not keen on Photoshop CS for drawing, but that's what I've got. I downloaded the trial program for CS3 and it seemed to work better, but then the trial ran out.

I think mistakes often add to the creative process, used to stress that to Dinah when she was drawing, but then she got hung up on perfection, which makes many talented young artists do something else.

GhostBuild said...

Namowal, have you ever tried GIMP?

Namowal said...

Sally, I thought I replied to this yesterday but I don't see it- I suppose I replied to the wrong input box and some blogger (or coworker) out there is thinking "Huh? What's THIS?"

Anyway, here's my painter evaluation:
Painter (I have version 8)
-lots of brushes to choose (although I mostly use the pencil, pen and airbursh section)
-You can turn any seamless pattern into a "pen"
-A bit buggy- after several months of daily use it corrupted 1 file, crashed frequently and now it won't run at all (until I go in and fix things.)
-Not as flexible as photoshop when it comes to merging layers.
Yes, I know about GIMP. It's pretty sweet. Thanks :)