Monday, September 17, 2007


My mom is back in the hospital. They think she had another seizure, but they're not sure what's going on. I'll add more when I know more.

More- 7:30 p.m. Sept 18
It's official, it's "only" a seizure and not another stroke, which means she'll recover much sooner, usually within a few days. She's a bit confused has trouble talking in the meantime (the wrong words came out), but made it very clear that she wanted out of that hospital a.s.a.p. This morning she insisted on changing back to her street clothes. No hospital gown for her! She was cooperative with the speech therapist at first, than got snippy- she decided the tests and exercises were a waste of time. She even kicked at me a few times when the nurse and the speech therapist questioned me about how she'd recovered when it happened before. I think she thought I sabotaging her escape from the hospital. Or maybe telling the nurses stuff that was none of their business. Other than that she was happy to have me around.
They sprung her from the hospital this afternoon so she's back home and I'm back at work. I offered to come by their place and help out but my dad insists they'll be okay.
11:45, Sept 19
I spoke to my mom on the phone today. She picked up the phone and sounded pretty normal. Hard to believe that 48 hours ago she could barely talk. I like it when things change for the better.


Sally said...

Sure hope she's doing better. Your family's been through a lot. I just read about it today, so sorry for you all. And I know just what you mean about using wrong words for things, I hadn't heard of other people doing that commonly before.

Just to cheer you up: I used to have a parrot named Big Boy, and every night I'd put him in his cage, with the door that opened from the bottom outwards. One night I carried him to the kitchen, opened the oven, (which opens the same way and has racks in it) and said "Goodnight, Big Boy," then realized what I was doing.

Hang in there!

GhostBuild said...

We're praying for your mom Namowal!

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally and Ghostbuild. That's nice of both of you to post your support, and it's appreciated. :)

It's ironic- so many people have been through stuff way more scary/serious/crazy than I've been through, so I can't say fate singled me out.

The Big Boy story is funny. I can see myself doing something like that.

Sally said...

It's all unique, and all scary weird and heart breaking. We feel for you.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally.

Sally said...

How are things today?

Namowal said...

Thanks for asking. :)
She's much better- I checked with them twice today. The first time she answered the phone and we had a coherent, near normal conversation. I called again that afternoon and they were celebrating at a local happy hour place where they like the snacks. Talk about a 180 degree switch!

Sally said...

wow! that's great!