Thursday, September 06, 2007

Neon Mother Goose

The next Drawing Board topic is "Neon Mother Goose."
Painter (my usual drawing toy) was down so I did this in Photoshop, which lacks Painter's neon pen. Getting the effect in Photoshop was a convoluted mess of layers and channels.* It probably would be easier to build a real sign and photograph it.
It's based on 1950's signage. Typically this meant a themed name in a cursive or cute typeface, plus what the business offered (bowling, laundry, apartment etc...) in block letters. Throw in yards of glowing, blinking neon and you're set.
Many people think these signs are tacky and garish, but I like them.

Bonus Pic:
Here's the dish and spoon before I installed the neon.


Sally said...

nice job. I was actually fooled into thinking it was real.

Namowal said...

Really? Thanks, Sally. :)