Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Revenge of the Budgerigars

I read a news item about some creeps who did some cruel things to small animals, including a budgie (a.k.a. parakeet). The budgie part upset me the most. They're adorable. So playful, curious and colorful. Someone hurt one for fun? I don't get it.
I read about another budgie with a bad eye and a bad foot. He was found in a trash can. Tossed like living garbage. (The good news is this one now has a safe home.)
It's unfair that such small, good natured creatures are treated like that.

What would happen if budgies were big? The size of polar bears?

They'd still be playful, curious and colorful, but if I got too close, I'd be a chew toy.
Too bad they can't automatically resize when mistreated. That'd solve a lot of problems.

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Sally said...

I love budgies too. We always keep a pair. I like the resize when mistreated concept.