Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest Blogger: Googol The Goldfish

Long, long ago, no humans lived in the house.  The water line went clear to the ceiling and the fish could frolic through any room they wished.  The world was clean and pure back then.
There was this one door you weren't supposed to open. 
One day this dumb girl fish went and opened it and the water started gushing out!  The house drained dry.  The only fish who survived were the ones who hid in the bowl. 
Now that the door was open, inferior creatures came in.  They were grotesque hairy animals like dogs, cats and humans.  They claimed the house as their own.
Too bad I wasn't born back in the good old days.  Things were better then.  And I'd make sure nobody opened that door!


Pile Girl said...

What a refreshing point of view!

Linda said...

Nice post for Earth Day.

Winky the Cat said...

That goldfish is a barge O' baloney.
Everyone knows cats lived in the house way before any humans or fish lived here.
Everything was lovely in the olden days. Things got corrupted because there was a screened in window you weren't supposed to scratch.
Well, some cat just had to know what was beyond it and scratched a hole in it.
Next thing you know, evil, disease, humans, dogs and fish all came pouring in.
Any cat will tell you this.

stray said...

This fish reminds me of that wonderful Cat in the Hat fish!

GhostBuild said...

This series of animal blog entries is a great idea!

Will we be hearing from the from any of the local fowl? Or what about that critter that was in the mailbox all that time ago? ;-)

Namowal said...

Thanks, Pile Girl, Linda And Stray!

Namowal said...

Hi Ghostbuild,
Yes, a local bird will weigh in soon.