Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Report

(This turkey is based on an internet photo. I drew it as a warm up for a more cartoony drawing, but ran out of time)
I learned some things I didn't know about turkeys this year. I knew the basics: They're dumb, they go "gobble gobble" and they come with bonus giblets. I also know that if you get a frozen one, don't forget about it until you start to wonder why your car smells. This happened, but not to me.
Here's some new facts I picked up:
  • Domestic turkeys eggs have two yolks.
  • The wild turkey has a tropical counterpart called the Ocellated Turkey. It's whimsical looking.
  • The lumps at the base of the wattle are called caruncles, and the thingy on top of the beak is called a snood. Nobody is sure what the snood is for, but when turkeys fight, the guy with the bigger snood usually wins.
To wrap up this fragmented post I'll add a jingle I made up when I taught preschool. It was a hit around Thanksgiving time. It's sung to the same tune as Pretty Little Dutch Girl*

I had a big fat turkey
His name was Gobbler Joe.
He ran off one Thanksgiving,
As fast as he could go!

I chased him forty miles!
I chased him for a week!
I found him in a haystack.
He bit me with his beak!

Not familiar with that one? It's the same tune as "Miss Suzy had a steamboat/the steamboat had a bell..."

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Linda said...

I really like your song. I also really like the red and light green (your illo). Those colors are so great together.