Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here's Where the Treasure Is

Lynda Barry's Writing the Unthinkable class emphasized how play and movement (and moving the pen!) are linked with creativity. Emphasis on structure, plot, characterization etc... can stop ideas cold. Not that stories shouldn't have them. Just that one should let the images of the story come first.
On of my favorite kid books is Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island It's exciting, scary and fun.
Where did this book come from?
Do you think Stevenson got the story like this:

Or was he entertaining his stepson with details of a pirate map they painted?

You can probably guess the answer.


stray g said...

Hear, hear!

Linda said...

It's nice how when you're doing something for someone specific (like Stevenson and his stepson) it can be lots more lively and fun, and how it can sometimes turn out to be something that's fun for everybody? (like Treasure Island). It seems like if you are really engaged and are having fun making something it can turn out better than if every inch is "perfectly planned" to fit a format of some kind. Oh I dunno.

Namowal said...

Stray g,
X marks the spot!

I agree. Who knew having fun could be so productive? Whoohoo!

stray said...

Yes, I always like making something if it's sort of a gift for someone or a way of telling a story to someone. They are then my muse that inspires me.